WBOTD 9.30.12 Eberhard

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WBOTD 9.30.12 Eberhard

Post by Ocean » Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:42 am

History from Worldtempus http://www.worldtempus.com/en/brands/partner-brands/eberhard-co/history/ Pics from Bing. I have looked at the Traversetolo a couple times still on the fence on buying it but do like the brand.

Founded at La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887, the Maison Suisse d’Horlogerie Eberhard & Co. does not only look back to a history of well over 100 years; its name has also stood its ground ever since as a synonym for tradition, commitment and innovation. The success of its brand name has pervaded the entire 20th century like a thin red line. 1919 saw the arrival of the most advanced wristwatch chronograph of its time, 1930 gave birth to the first automatic watch, and in 1935 the company issued a then totally unprecedented chronograph with two pushbuttons. 1939 saw the introduction of the "Rattrapante" chronograph to be followed by the Extra-fort chronograph in the '50s and the introduction of simultaneous date setting in the '60s. Collectors could easily continue the list by quoting any number of fascinating new mechanism and unique shapes, all of which have marked a long epoch in the art of watchmaking.

However, more than this, the name of the "Maison" has, right from the outset and in its own particular way, reflected the world of sports and the great achievements of so many great personalities. Back in the '30s, Officers of the Italian Royal Navy used to wear chronographs by Eberhard & Co. on their wrists, and its Chronomaster "Frecce Tricolori" has attended all of the flights of the world's most famous aerobatics echelon since 1984. Sure enough, too, the account must also include a collection dedicated to the legendary car-racing champion:Tazio Nuvolari.

Eberhard & Co
Georges-Emile Eberhard, the founder.

In recent times, the programme has been expanded by the 8 Days which thanks to a special device needs to be wound up only once a week, and the Extra-fort, a re-edition of a chronograph which in the '50s was typical of a whole epoch.

And in the new millennium, Eberhard & Co. presents other special new models. Chrono 4 and Temerario, the first chronographs in the watchmaking history that feature four counters arranged in one row on the dial. “Tazio Nuvolari - Vanderbilt Cup”, inspired by the famous race that the pilot won in 1936. Extra-fort Roue à Colonnes Grande Date, in perfect harmony with the past and the future.

In 2006 Eberhard & Co. presents Scafodat, the new high-performance diving watch, which is followed by the launch of the "Chrono" version of the "Traversetolo" model.

2007 represents the 120th Anniversary, a historic date to which "Chronographe 120ème Anniversaire" is dedicated. Its rotor, entirely decorated, celebrates the important Anniversary years.

In 2008, the Company is embellishing its collection with important developments to its most representative models and, in this way, laying the bases for new and exclusive projects in the future.

In 2009 the Company reinterpreted the spirit of Extra-fort with a refined version “Vitré” and presented the special steel chronograph “Tazio Nuvolari Edition Limitée Grand Prix TN”, produced in only 999 pieces.

In 2010 the “Grand Prix” line has been enriched by a red gold edition, limited to 123 precious pieces. With Gilda, Eberhard & Co. gives a new meaning to its concept of femininity, thanks to its soft lines and harmonious details expressing modern and timeless elegance. To confirm the continuous search for evolution and innovation comes “Chrono 4 Géant”, an “indomitable”, sporty and dynamic chronograph.

In the antique touch of its pocket watches, in the uniqueness of its sportive models and in the precious elegance of its dress watches, Eberhard & Co. has time and again reiterated the company's pride in its traditional credo: the value of the human being and its possibilities to choose.


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