WBOTD 11/7/12 Vannen

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WBOTD 11/7/12 Vannen

Post by Ocean » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:31 am

Well it looks like another Swatch like brand to me. Limited Editions of up to 500, they use different artists to design there watches.

Vannen captures the electrifying worlds of art, fashion, and pop culture and infuse them into every limited edition timepiece we produce. Vannen makes exceptional, highly collectible, limited edition timepieces at affordable prices. Constructing wearable art that is both functional and accessible - but still exclusive - Vannen has given the public a new way to showcase their taste in art and fashion without breaking the bank.

Individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, every watch is treated like a true piece of art. Designed by some of the world's best artists, Vannen creates wearable art that appeals to forward-thinking, style-conscious individuals while honoring the distinctive vision of our team of artists.

By taking a pro-art stance, we also strive to build a global community that invites people to discover new art, embrace it and incorporate it into their lives. Each collection of watches is produced with one goal in mind - to support the global art scene by bringing awareness to each artist and by inviting the world to experience something new.

This is Vannen.


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Re: WBOTD 11/7/12 Vannen

Post by eddiea » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:48 am

They look like a cross between Ed Hardy and Invicta.....
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