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Re: Pets

Post by svaglic » Tue Jul 29, 2014 5:29 pm

Mortuus wrote:
svoglic wrote:He does look like a dwarf Shepard, most people ask if he is Corgi, but he has Basset legs and webbed feet. He is a pretty good boy. It's been a learning process, because I'd never had a dog before, but it's been worth it. The people said that they were his 5th home and he was only 5 months old. I thought that was sad, so he came home with me. He stunk so bad, I got him bathed and to the Vet for his shots. He's pretty smart and learns quickly, so it's been a pretty good experience for us both.

You know, that's something I'd never given much thought to, as I've always had dogs; in my 55 years on the planet, 40+ have been shared with pups, but nary a cat. It hasn't been for lack of trying, the most recent 'close call' coming about six months ago when I pulled a terrified little kitty out of one of our avocado trees, where I assumed some coyote had chased her (those little claws hurt when they dig into your chest, don't they? Oy-VEY). She was this completely perfect little tan/black tiger-striped kitty with HUGE, gorgeous green eyes and a purr that sounded like a little lawnmower, and I fell in love with her immediately. Unfortunately for me, but happily for her, her home was close by, as indicated on the little tag next to the little bell on her collar. ***SIGH***

Anyhow, the point of that particular Mort novella was that I hadn't the vaguest idea as to how to take care of a kitty, but I think I would have gladly given it my all for that little sweetie. That's why I'm in awe of what you did for Homie. :face:

Well Mort, I'm sure you spent time in Hawaii or Pacific islands in your Navy career. I have a home that is a house back from the beach. I DON'T LIKE MICE. That's a huge reason I had cats ( of course when I moved CONUS, I had to take them with me. No cheap cost). My brother caught a mouse in the car port once and caged it with plywood and such. He put Buddy Lee in it and he made friends with it (he also made friends with the neighbors pet rabbit). I was close to furious but remembered I loved Buddy Lee. I picked up anther wild cat and relaxed a bit. Homie, he totally respects the cats.... they swipe at him, but don't make contact, they just scare him. I have never met a bigger wus than Homie, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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