Leave it to the Brits !

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Leave it to the Brits !

Post by Ocean » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:39 am

Leave it to the Brits to stir up a controversy around an Olympic cheerleading squad.

Or to even have an official cheerleading squad to begin with.

The Great Britain cheerleader selection committee, which evidently consists of "Britain's Got Talent" judge Alesha Dixon, announced on Wednesday that the North London Wildcats will cheer on the home squad when the Olympics kick off on July 27.

The problem is that the decision was also put up to a public vote. And the public didn't vote for the Wildcats. They voted for, well, more adult subject matter. By 32 percent to 27 percent.

[ Photos: Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice ]

The Crystals, who dance for the London-based Crystal Palace Football Club, won the public's heart with their bikini-sporting lip-synched rendition of "Call Me Maybe." Their performance featured more close-ups of body parts and less cheering than a typical Wildcats performance.

The Wildcats dress more like your average Midwest college or high school cheer squad and actually do stunts and cheers. Think PG-rated. Or just ask Wildcats coach Jenny Toghill.

"Personally I think [Dixon] wanted something that was not stereotypical -- girls running around in bikinis or short hot pants, shaking their butts and other bits," Toghill told the London Telegraph.

But the public wanted shaking butts and other bits. And the twitterverse is not happy.

From @PalaceStats: "#boycottlondon2012 ‪#WeLiveInADemocracy ‪#TeamGB ‪#TheCrystals win both votes but Alesha Dixon overrules the two decisions. Scandalous."

But don't fret, Crystals fans. Fourth-place Medal has you covered. Just watch this whenever you need a fix:

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