Life stranger than Conjurer's fictional stories

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Life stranger than Conjurer's fictional stories

Post by Ocean » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:49 am

Let me say I am glad to be Home to start. I haven't been around for awhile. Glad to see WBOTD going strong thanks guys.

It started 2 weeks ago when I was going out of town. Get to the metal detector at the airport everything going fine go in beep beep. I take out everything I can think of again beep beep. This time they wand me,ask what is in my back pocket? I say nothing couldn't think of anything. They ask me again, I don't know is my answer this time. Next thing I know I'm asked to go to this back room with 3 TSA agents. I get there they ask what I have, I reach in my pocket and pull out my folding box knife. Oh crap, I always have that on me thought I took out at the car. I put it down next thing I know they are going through my bag and jacket and everything. 2 hours of questions and they tell me I can I go. Missed my flight so there I sit for another 3 hours.

Get to Phoenix go around town for the next 2 days waiting for my meeting. Go in the meeting with bid in hand for the work. I spent 4 weeks working on that fucking thing. I get inside talk to the builders about everything, we are talking and talking. I finally get to my proposed price (at this point I thought I had this in the bag) bang they hit me with a number that well if I was sitting I would have fell over 60% off of my bill Fucking Hell No. 1st one of the crews would be moving half way around the country for 6-9months second we would be out of money by 3months. I asked if this was a joke? No it wasn't that was the low bid. I asked them what the others were they said around mine, at this point I asked doesn't this throw red flags up in your minds if 5 company's are around the same amount? They told me they had to go with the lowest bid due to the contract. At this point I said good luck and ended the meeting I wouldn't consider it an option.

Get back to Daytona take a couple of days to catch my breath and my thought's. I get a call to go look at some work down in Homestead. No biggie a few hours south. Get in the truck start heading down just south of Vero on 95 Boom not 1 not 2 but 3 tires blow out. I look around 7 cars with same thing look at the tire roofing nails. Call AAA hours of waiting . Get to tire kingdom before they close, out of my size mid day tomorrow, OK fine stay the night get back on the road.

Got to Homestead was going to pm Eddie to see if wanted to bend an elbow. Night goes by no big deal. I go check out the job looks like there is some money to be made :D . Talk about it and secure the job get the PO it's around 7 so decide to stay the night. Get dinner go back to the hotel hear some arguing turn my head and keep walking it was around 10:30. Around 3:30am heard shouting that woke me damn glad it, think it was the same voices as earlier. The shouting got louder and louder in the back of the hotel next thing I knew a shot rang out and 3 others to follow the 4th shot exploded the slider in my room. After a few minutes sirens and cops. Talked to one for a few asked me if I saw anything and the truth is I didn't. Around 4:15 got in the truck and went home. What a hell of a 2 weeks glad to be home!
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Re: Life stranger than Conjurer's fictional stories

Post by eddiea » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:44 am

AJC wrote:I was going to say, "unbelievable." But then realized this was Florida, not only believable, but expected. :lol:
No offense eddie.
None taken, Florida is actually not too bad... I have seen much worse.....
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Re: Life stranger than Conjurer's fictional stories

Post by AJC » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:58 am

Ocean wrote:AJC I have been down there many times before and have never had a problem like this. I live in FL myself. Eddie is there any news on this been looking at the papers but hadn't seen anythin?

I have always perceived a much higher than usual occurance of wacky news events coming out of Florida.

I'm glad you are alright.
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